Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Proposal Planner?

A proposal planner helps you to plan and co-ordinate your marriage proposal. We aim to deliver an unforgettable and special event for you and your partner.

Why should I Hire a Proposal Planner?

If you would like help to make your proposal in Phuket, amazing you should consider hire us. We are local residents living in Phuket. We have the local knowledge and connections to make your dream proposal a reality.

Where Are You Based?

We live and work in Phuket, Thailand.

I Don't live In Phuket or Thailand Can You still Help?

Yes we can. It doesn’t matter where you live, as long as you will be proposing in Phuket we can assist you.

Can I Start Planning Before I Get To Phuket?

Yes, we can begin planning before you even get to Phuket. We want to have the plan in place ready for your arrival in Phuket.

How Much Time Does It Take To Plan?

For pre-designed packages or proposal ideas, we prefer to have 2 weeks planning time. If you don’t have that much time, we understand and are still happy to work with you.

For fully customised marriage proposals, we prefer 4 weeks of planning time. Once again if you do not have that much time please contact us we can still help you.

What is a proposal package?

Proposal packages are ideas that our team have already pre-designed.

How Do You Customise Proposals?

We ask clients to complete a questionnaire at the beginning of the planning stage. The questionnaire lets us get to know you and your partner, likes/dislikes, personality types, your romance history, personal preferences, etc. This information allows us to plan a proposal that is tailored to your exact needs.

I Have My Own Idea and Know Exactly What I want. Can You Help?

Certainly, we can make your idea come to life.

Will you stay in contact throughout the organisation stage?

Yes, we will remain in contact from initial planning to proposal day.

can our communication be discreet so my partner doesn't find out?

Yes, we can communicate with you via email, social media or whichever app you require. Discretion is key and we will ensure the surprise isn’t ruined before the big day.

Will you be there to help me on the proposal day?

Yes, for the proposal packages and customised proposals. Our team will be there to help you. We provide transport to/from the venue, set up anything required, set down, help with preparation, etc.

Can You Help Me book Accommodation In Phuket?

Yes, we can help you. Please let us know you require assistance.

Can You Help Me book Transport In Phuket?

Yes, we can help you. Please let us know you require assistance.

Can You Help Me Source An Engagement Ring In Phuket?

Yes, we can help you. We have connections with many businesses in Phuket and can get you the best price. Please let us know you require assistance.

I want to buy my partner a proposal gift. Can you help me?

Yes, any gifts you require we can source for you. Just let us know what you require.

My family/friends will be at the proposal. Can you take care of them?

Yes, we can arrange transport for your guests to the venue. We can also take care of them/keep them entertained in the lead up to the proposal and after the proposal too.

I am on holiday in Phuket and have made a spur of the moment decision to propose before we go home. Can you help?

Yes, of course we can help you with last minute proposals. We can also help source an engagement ring in Phuket.

I Want To Plan A Re-Proposal For My Wife/Husband Can you Help?

Certainly, we can also plan re-proposals for clients.

Do You Plan Date Nights?

Yes, we can plan date nights for couples.