New Years Eve Wedding Proposal?



Have you ever considered proposing on New Years Eve? Here are some reasons why it’s actually a smart choice for your proposal!


1.)   New Year – New Beginnings

New Years Eve is all about new beginnings and fresh starts. The concept of proposing is exactly the same as embarking on a new year. Why not combine both new beginnings and pop that special question?  There is simply no better time to begin your journey to the altar and a new life together than at New Years.


2.)  New Years Eve = Romantic

New years Eve already has a natural romantic vibe. The traditional midnight kiss with your loved one being the main one. Why not go with the romantic flow and propose at midnight?


3.)  Memorable Anniversary

You are never going to forget the anniversary of the day you proposed! Your special moment will forever be tied to a memorable date in the calendar. Perfect!


4.)  Undercover Proposal

Ensure your proposal stays under-wraps until the big moment. It’s New Years Eve, everyone is dressing up and doing something fancy. Your partner will have no idea that you have a big surprise planned.


5.)  Time To Plan A Summer Wedding

Summer is the peak time for weddings. If you propose at the beginning of the year, you give yourself plenty of time to get your summer wedding booked and organised. No one needs the stress of last minute wedding planning.


6.)  Family & Friends

If you would like to propose with all your family and friends present, New Years Eve is the perfect time to get everyone together in the same place. Instant celebration after the proposal!



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