Propose In Phuket This Christmas


Propose In Phuket at Christmas


Christmas is the most magical time of year! It is also an amazing time to propose to your partner. Especially when you are in the tropical paradise that is Phuket, Thailand.


Propose In Phuket has 4 amazing packages for you to propose in Phuket this Christmas.


We offer the once in a lifetime experience of proposing on your very own private island in Phuket.  Take a speed boat 4km off of the western coast of phuket, where you will find the idyllic paradise island of Naka Noi.




  1.  Sweet & Casual – Beach Picnic on a private island
  2.  A touch of love – Formal beach dining on a private island
  3.  A Moment of Love – Upgraded formal beach dining on a private island
  4.  Full of Love – formal dining on a private island with pyrotechnics





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