The Best Place To Propose In Phuket


If you are planning on proposing in Phuket, you are probably wondering, ‘where is the best place to propose in Phuket?’ Phuket is a tropical island blessed with many beautiful beaches and islands. Beach proposals are always popular destinations to ask the most important question of your life. So, which beach do you pick for your proposal?


When selecting a public beach, you need to think about how busy the beach will be and how much privacy you will have. Do you really want to propose in front of strangers? After-all this is a very intimate and private moment between partners.


Propose In Phuket, can help you with the perfect beach proposal. We organise proposals on a private island in Phuket, where you can propose in total privacy at sunset. The most romantic time of the day. We set up a beautiful romantic picnic for you to enjoy and when the time is right you can propose. A private chef and waiting staff will take care of you throughout your stay on the private island. This is truly a VIP experience for the most important event in your life.



Where Is The Private Island?


The private island is called, Naka Noi. It is located 15 minutes by boat off the north-east coast of Phuket. This is a stunningly beautiful private island. Here are some photos of the island so you can see just how magnificent it is!




What Do Your Picnics Look Like?



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